Why hire a JumpStart graduate?

Training. Vetting. Commitment. Follow Up.


JumpStart classes are designed to model a real job site and provide students with hands-on experience. With a focus on accountability, skills mastery and mathematics, students leave the program ready for entry-level work on any construction site.


Through hands-on training, the development of math skills and high performance standards, our students develop the skills to do the job right and learn how to meet expectations of a future employer. Through our placement services your company will receive a qualified, job-ready employee. We only recommend qualified candidates, saving you time and money in the hiring process.


Project JumpStart has established a proven record over the years in serving local employers and residents. Hundreds of the region’s most successful contractors trust our referral process. They know from experience that when they interview a JumpStart graduate, they are getting a well-screened, highly motivated and job-ready candidate.

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What employers are saying about Project JumpStart

We are impressed with the work ethic of our JumpStart guys and their attendance is second to none.Mickey Glendon, Sr., Superintendent; C & H Mechanical Corporation (hired three graduates)
It has been a pleasure to work with Project JumpStart. The skills JumpStart provides their students give them a strong foundation for the construction field.  We will continue to work with the Jump Start Program and place qualified candidates.Nathan E. Brenneman, CSP, Director of Human Resources & Safety, Allan Myers (hired four graduates)
Premier Concrete goes to Project JumpStart first for our manpower needs because it is so easy.Steve Workmeister; Vice President, Premier Concrete, Inc. (hired two graduates)
Over the past several years, Jump Start has provided our company numerous employees who were hungry for an opportunity.  Today, we have 7 of their referrals who have become excellent apprentices and turned their opportunities into careers.  The employees as well as our company have benefited.Thomas M. Hirsch, President - Hirsch Electric, LLC. (hired seven graduates)
TEI considers Jump Start a very reliable resource for providing electrical apprentices within our company.  JumpStart’s due diligence is thorough and assures the right candidate for the position. You can count on getting a quality employee.Frank Murphy, President/COO (hired three graduates)
JumpStart has been an excellent partner for us because it helps Southway shine with its clients.  Project JumpStart does not have huge requirements of me-I’m just bringing an ace to the table and they are making Southway look good.William Moore, President, Southway Builders, Inc (hired six graduates)